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Director: Robert Schwentke
Writers: Brian Duffield, Akiva Goldsman, Mark Bomback (based on the original novel by Veronica Roth)
Stars: Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, Naomi Watts, Jai Courtney, Ashley Judd
Runtime: 1hr, 59 min

Based on the bestselling novel trilogy by Veronica Roth, the sequel picks up in the aftermath of the war against Abnegation. Haunted with nightmares and guilt about Will and her mother’s death, Tris (Woodley) was traumatized being the reason people died and soon goes on a crazy revenge towards the brain and leader of Erudite, Jeanine (Winslet).

The journey of revenge with the crazy boyfriend, Tobias aka Four (James), her brother, Caleb (Elgort), and the frenemy, Peter start in the setting of their peaceful refuge in Amity that soon has to end because one of the Dauntless’ former leader, Eric (Courtney) hunts them there which leads with their encounter with the Factionless and their leader, Evelyn (Watts).

Here comes the confusing part. There is this magical box. It was said that the war with Abnegation in the last movie was Jeanine way to steal the magical box which had been kept secret by Natalie. Once Jeanine has it but the box can’t be opened (wait. what?) unless, someone divergent, strong enough, pass all the five simulation representing the five faction. Guess who? Yes. Right. Tris, the 100% divergent.

I found Naomi Watts, who played as Tobias ‘ mother and leader of the factionless was looking quite young in the movie. I’d imagined Evelyn was more likely in the same generation as Jeanine and Natalie Prior (Judd). In this movie, Evelyn’s character wasn’t as strong as how it was written in the book and her scene wasn’t really that much.

I think the only thing that saved this movie from being totally boring is Woodley’s performance and the visual effect. For me personally, Woodley was totally the hero in and of the movie. I really like seeing her in this movie, and that slick new cropped hair was totally badass and awesome. I know, her character wasn’t as badass as in the first book, but I guess she just played the part according to how the “Tris” in the second book was described.

Miles Teller also brought a good vibe of energy to the movie. Well, if you didn’t already read the book, I guess you will find him quite the jerk. Oh and there’s also Eric, I don’t know why but in this movie Courtney deliver the character really good. I almost fell in love with him in the movie rather than Four. Almost. XD

The visual effect in the movie is indeed remarkable. I guess because the movie’s VR Shatter Reality that they made the building and city’s simulation really really good. I really enjoyed it!

All in all I think the movie really try to picture the book and bring it to another level of greatness, and I respect them for that because I know how the book is a bit boring and turning that into a good movie is not easy. Despite all my snarky comment, I quite enjoyed watching it and I still recommend you guys to watch the movie. 🙂


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