DNF Review: The Dreamwalker by Shelly Jarvis

Title: The Dreamwalker
Author: Shelly Jarvis
Published: April 11th, 2015
read in: April, 2015 (DNF at 60%)

young adult • science fiction  romance

Only a dream, yet so clear, so vivid it still rested in her mind

When Kate Watzen sees her future in a dream, she can hardly believe the life of a Chosen could really be hers. After all, their abilities and Gifts are the stuff of legends, and she’s had no training to draw out those Gifts, unlike the other teenagers on her planet. Despite her concerns, she goes to Meeting anyway, only to discover she is exactly what the Chosen have been waiting for.

Moving from her small farming community to study at a school full of hundreds of aliens, Kate’s Gifts begin to manifest, drawing her into the focus of a ruthless man, Lord Ruark, who wishes to use her abilities to gain access to an object of great knowledge and power, the Book of the Golden One.

Kate’s unwillingness to help him leads to a confrontation endangering all those she loves, including her best friend, Ben, who will do anything to protect her, and her new crush, James, whose mysterious past may lead her to more danger than she realizes.

Through these trials, Kate discovers the strength that has been dormant within her, showing her that she is anything but ordinary, and the small town life she had was full of mystery, adventure, intrigue, and a betrayal far beyond anything she could have imagined.


First of all, let me say the word. I am not the type that easily DNF-ing a book. There are reasons behind of it. I believe every book has the right to be justified and criticize by seeing the whole picture of it. The other reason is mainly because I hate the feeling of curiosity since every story -whether it’s good or not- has a mystery to which path will the journey ends, a certain end that will blow your mind away or the one that made you shrug your shoulders easily and thinking “predictable, could’ve been better”. It is why I always push myself to finish every book I’ve started reading. But personally sometimes a book is just so hard to dive in, not because of how lame the story but simply because it was lack of the surprise factor that each pages just getting harder to fully connected with the story.

Here’s what I thought about this book: DIVERGENT IN A BORING ALIEN WORLD.

”You will experience a series of events, which may frighten you. We do not know what events will occur until you are in the midst of them. Every test is different, Kate, so we don’t know what dangers you may face during this test, but you must remember that you are in control. Do you understand?”

“I am in control.” With this statement, the waters stilled, and warmed began to turn to Kate’s body.

When I first read the first few pages of this book, I knew there would be a certain ceremonial in choosing the ‘Chosen’ but never occurs to me that it would be a drink-this-poison-and-enter-the-‘divergent-ish’ test. It was just so similar that made me so hard to look pass it.

You turned from your mother into the unknown, That took Courage.
Your battle with the ocean verified your Resilience, and finding the island shows you have Hope.
“.. And when you left the parlor, you came back to us without any prompting or assistance, which takes a great amount of Strength,” the woman said.

See? Pretty much describing the factions in Roth’s book.

“It’s there because you are different from the rest of them. You are one of seven, different in that you are more special than every one of the Chosen.”

The other problem with the first 50% of what I’ve read was the fact that it lacked world and character building, either backward or forward. I mean, the story was basically just introducing me to a new character each pages with no significant plot. It seems that the writer really pushed the reader to know each and every character in the story that it had a certain section of introduction conversation between the characters that the actual story didn’t begin until I don’t know which page since it was so hard to continue. It was like seeing a construction site appears out of nowhere. Not just you don’t know why and how it was there but also it wasn’t making and progress. And after a while you think, “Ah, never mind.”

” Hello,” it said. “I’m Fielder.”
Hi , Fielder,” Kate said, holding her hand out to shake his. “I’m Kate”

“Nice to meet you, Kate,” a soft voice said. “I’m Jobaria.”
Nice to meet you, too,” Kate said

“Hey Bodhi,” Tevan said
“Hey Tevan,” he replied. “How is it going?”
“Pretty good,” Tevan replied. “Have you met Kate?”
“Not officially,” he said, holding out his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

The fact that it had so many similarities with Divergent wasn’t what made me stop reading. It was the stagnancy of the story. The unclear plot. It just really hard to dive in when all you have were pages of yearbook with all of those names after names being mentioned without any characteristic events of each person beside their weird alien form.

Well overall, this is just my opinion about the book. Maybe it was a really great book, I can’t tell since I didn’t finish it. Most definitely I won’t. I feel so bad writing a review about a book I DNF since as I said before I didn’t see it as a whole picture. So, if you want to know the whole story go check it out! 🙂




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