Making Up For Monday: Hating a Book Someone Recommended

Making Up For Monday is a weekly meme hosted by An Avid Reader. The aim is to write a weekly post based on the given question.

This Week’s Question: What do yo do if someone you love recommends a book and you end up hating it?

First of all, this had happened to me when my not-sort-of-a-reader friend (that once in a while stumbles on a certain book and fangirling all over the place) came to me saying “you must totally read this, you’ll love it because it was bla bla bla. And then he/she gave it for me to borrow, and everyday texting, asking have I read it or not. So after a few days I picked that book and read it. And what I found is something boring and similar to what I’ve read before or something I’m not really into.

The other scenario, was from my friend who loves a certain genre that I don’t particularly read. “I know you will say you don’t read this kind of book, but I promise you this time you will agree with me” he/she will say. “You will regret not reading this” he/she will add and I will end up guilty not taking the book (because I’ve been that person before, fangirling all over the place telling people to read certain books). But in the end I realized I hated it or I can’t finish it.

Thank God, most people who recommends books to me are people that I’m really honest to, especially about personal preference in reading specific books. I will try my best reading that book from that person point of view more than a book that I found myself. But in the end if the book was just so hard to get through, I will tell them the truth which part I hated the most and stuff. I often (on purpose) made a fun debate with my friend if we were so not on the same pages.(That’s just how annoying I am haha) XD

In another case, if I respected that “someone” so much that I don’t like to make him/her feel bad recommending book I ended up hated, I will politely say “It wasn’t exactly my genre anyway, so. .” or “I was having quite a slump back there, maybe that’s why”. 

Overall, I tried my best to stay true to what I honestly feel about a book. And even though I have those lame excuses, at least I didn’t lie to myself saying I liked something I didn’t.

Have this ever happened to you? What did you do about it?


13 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday: Hating a Book Someone Recommended

  1. This is a hard one. If a friend I really liked recommended a book and I hated it I would probably spiral into self-doubt and wonder what’s wrong with me for jot liking a book that so obviously appeals to a reasonable person. I would end by concluding I have a significant part of software missing within my psyche to not have picked up on queues that make the book an outstanding read. But that’s just me…

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  2. this might sound like I’m having some sort of teenage rebellion but I find the more someone pushes me to read a book the less I am willing to do so. Example, someone wanted me to read The Da Vinci Code so badly they actually sent me a copy, in hardback, with the note, read this so we can discuss it. I still haven’t read it, 12 years later.
    I also avoid books that everyone raves about. Maybe I’ve just learned over the years that if mainstream loves it, the chances I will are slim. Or maybe I’m just super obstinate. LOL

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    • I know that feeling. I don’t care if everyone have read that, but if I’m not in the mood to read that particular book, I hated when my friend push me to read it again and again.

      Really? I have found some hyped books I ended up hating but I don’t avoid them. I just choose the book I read very carefully because I tend to feel guilty not finishing a book.


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