The Lunar Chronicles “Design a Bookmark” Contest Entry


“My supply of bookmarks is getting low, and when I was thinking about placing a new order yesterday, I thought – WAIT. This is the perfect opportunity to host a new design contest.” — Marissa Meyer

My blogging schedule had been quite a mess this week since I have so many things distracting me (so sorry for that). One of them was designing a bookmark for this contest. Honestly, I knew about this contest less than a week ago so my life was quite hectic that not a single page of book had been turn.

I was so excited when I found out about this event. I love the series so much that I literally jumping up and down when I knew about this (despite the little amount of time I had). The rules are simple, just to design a 2×8 inch bookmark that will be used as a promotional item for the release of Winter which will be published in November. Here’s Meyer‘s original post.

So, making the bookmark wasn’t actually a hard thing. The lightbulb moment of the design itself was the main problem. I’d seen so many people posted great ideas of their design but mine didn’t have any improvement at all until’ two days before the entry closed. There were some minor issues such as not having a photoshop app in the laptop I’m using (mine is having a few technicalities error so I’m using my dad’s at the moment).

I’ve decided to make a simple design, only using part of Winter‘s cover. Since I didn’t have a photoshop app, I used the Pixlr Editor. And thank God for that since I was so not in the mood of installing Photoshop or searching for any other photo app. The Pixlr Editor is really helpful since it is pretty much the same as using Photoshop but it is an online photo editor, so no need for installing and it’s totally free.

Here is my design of both the front and back:


For the font of “Winter and “Once upon a time”, I used the  Aeronaut font designed by Georg Herold-Wildfellne. It is similar to the actual font of the title used in the series. As for “The Lunar Chronicles“, ““, and the rest of the quotes at the back, I used  Huron font designed by Dan X. Solo. Thanks to Font Meme, who posted the information of the font of Cinder.

I know the design may look simple and not to your liking, but I enjoyed participating things like this and I really REALLY love The Lunar Chronicles series. So I hope all of you will help me on this contest by repinning (or liking) this design on Pinterest (This is why I suddenly had the urge to join Pinterest). If you like it, please please pretty please click HERE to like my entry. Click here to see other designs. Thank you so much for your support!


3 thoughts on “The Lunar Chronicles “Design a Bookmark” Contest Entry

  1. I was browsing through the bookmark designs on Marissa Meyer’s website yesterday, but this is definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen! It took me a while to remember my Pinterest password from when I was younger, but I liked it. Good luck 🙂

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