Book Tag: The Emoji

I have been tag by the awesome Dimple Malhotra @ enthrallingdimple to do this fun tag about emojis. Thank you so much for tagging me. All of you should go check out her blog and see how she answered this tag.


People who made the tag:
Liz from lizlovesliterature
Jenny from Jellafy
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Scott from Scott Place 

My top 5 most used emojis:

1. Crying Face This is number six of my most used emoji. But I couldn’t find a book that suits the ‘Tear of joy face’.

More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera

If you have read my review about this book before, you will know how much this book made an impact to me. This book is really beautifully written in so many different aspect. I loved how the book don’t end on a happily ever after kind of end but more on a touching and realistic end. I loved how this book made me feel after reading it. It made me appreciate the relationship and things I have in my life right now. Thank you so much Adam SIlvera.

2. The Farting Chicken

eee I don’t know if many people use this combination, but I often use these two together whenever I found something stupid and didn’t really care at all.

Hexed – Michelle Krys

A lot of people love this book so much but I just don’t get it. I never made a review about this since I DNF it at around 50% or more. I could have DNF it earlier but the only reason it got around 50% was merely because I tried again and again giving it a chance. But all I found is a super boring story with super annoying male character. I don’t quite remember the whole story, all I know is around half the book I couldn’t find any reason why this book is about witches. There were nothing unique about the characters that could differ it with any other paranormal genre. So why they were called witches then?

3. Face with heart shaped eyes

 This is pretty much self-explanatory. I use this whenever I’m in love with something or found something pretty.

Illuminae – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I love love love this book so much. It represents the emoji in both the story and the cover. I love that they put a lot of effort in making the cover since the jacket is so amazing. The story did also blow my mind away. That aren’t any words right now that could describe how much I love this book.
You should put this on top of your TBR list right now because it is super awesome!

4. Salsa DancerI use this whenever I feel sassy and cool.

The Isle of The Lost – Melissa De La Cruz

This book has so many cool and sassy characters. I love how children of Disney villains was portrayed together as a friend and working as a team making their parents proud. It wasn’t really a breathtaking book, but it still pretty fun and enjoyable. It ‘s a great book to kill some time and I really would like to know the story about Maleficent husband.
I’ve also watched the Descendants the other day and I’m so glad to relive those Disney days again.

5. Shocked Face

Everytime I saw this emoji, it reminded of Home Alone. Anyway, I use this whenever I am shocked.

A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin

I know I’ve only read the first book, but I couldn’t think of any other book that cause the most shocked face I’ve ever had than A Game of Thrones.

Since the book is very long and after the first one I kind of suffered a slump so I will find perfect timing to read the rest of the series, but for now the show will do.

I Tag:

Alyssa @ The Ultimate Book Geek
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Krista @ Of Love and Wanderlust
Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much

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