10 Types of Reading Spirit You Might Possess

Reading is a fun thing to do where everyone—if given the right book—could enjoy it in many different ways. Some like to read like there’s no tomorrow, while others enjoy reading it slow and relaxing. Every person tend to know what type of reader he/she is, but to those who still trying to figure out what kind of reading spirit possesses you, then you need this. You probably possess one of the below, but if you like me, then you have them all hiding in different alter egos.

I’m not trying to label anyone. This post is just for fun and based on my own observation, so there’s no need to be offensive, McGonagall!

1. The Book Face Creature


Here’s to all the reader with their nose stuck in a book EVERY SINGLE TIME. You see them at the corner of a coffee shop. You see them in the diner and restaurants, but not their face. Their like a faceless ghost. And their Everywhere. When you meet them, DO NOT . . I repeat DO NOT SAY HELLO. Just let them be and you’ll be just fine. These people are either fighting in The Hunger Games of learning spells to defeat Voldemort. And God forbid you ruining these poor faceless creature’s world.

*Note to authors: If you see us, please come by and say hello. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED!

2. The ‘Silent Treatment’ Guru


Nope. Not talking. You’re the type to easily stop reading whenever shit happens. Plot Twist? You’re done. Close the book and wait a few days until all the feelings calm down. If not? DNF and just start finding a new relationship.

*Note to authors: Please record your message after the tone. *beep*

3. The Pissed Off Girlfriend a. k. a Jack the Ripper


Yup! This is you. The ‘Thrower’. The ‘Slammer’. Even scarier, The ‘Ripper’. You most likely finish the book you’re reading, but you pour out all the emotion LITERALLY, either because it sucked or you hate the plot twist.

*Note to authors: DO NOT EXPECT ME TO LOVE YOU WHEN MY FAVORITE CHARACTER DIES! Psst. At least, make sure the cover is so pretty that we wouldn’t dare to hurt it. 

4. The Silent Killer

Calm and collected, I would say. You flip every pages smoothly. If anyone sees you reading, they will obviously thought you love the book, until you write the review . . . SHIT! Take cover everyone!


*Note to authors: May the force be with you . . .

5. The One-Night-Stand Lover


You have a very big question in your life, “What time is it? Is it morning already?”. You tend to read at night and you finish the entire book in one sitting. Because, hello? What if the world crashes in the morning? No, we can’t have that ruining our book. Let’s finish this right here right now!

*Note to authors: I would buy more of your books, but. . COFFEE PLEASE!

6. The Indecisive Chameleon

You seemed in the mood for paranormal stuff. After a few pages, you’re mood is switching to contemporary. Or not. Biography is the one. or is it?


You can’t set up your mind to what you’re going to read. It’s hard for you to pick up a book and stick with it, either because the last book you read traumatize you or it was really good that you afraid the next one will ruin the feeling.

*Note to authors: It’s not our fault your book don’t have EVERY genre inside, thank you.

7. The Bat-eared Fox


You are all the ears. Audiobook is your go to. You are super busy to sit down and read, you rather have someone else read it for you. Cooking? Audiobook on. Driving? Let’s continue. Sleeping? Where’s my bedtime story?

*Note to authors: is Morgan Freeman available?

8. The Analyst


You don’t know what you like to read. You only want to read what others do. You have more time to read the review than actually reading the book. Open Goodreads. 3 stars review? Nah! You need higher than 4 out of 5 stars. You surf the internet, blog after blog to decide the next book you’re going to read. You don’t have time for a non hype book.

*Note to authors: is it so hard to write a FIVE STAR WORTH READING book? Stop playing around and just do your job!

9. The Improviser


Okay, you love the plot but the execution was bad. Then the idea of how the story should be kicks in. You are the type that consider reading as researching. You tend to change the story the way you like and either write a fanfiction or write a book inspired by the one you read before.

*Note to authors: I’m sorry but yours is . . err. . okay? Why didn’t you think of this? *spreading  out blueprints*

10. The Laidback Feline


You love to read, but you don’t have the energy to do it for hours. You probably read around 10 pages a day and slowly enjoying the story every day. You can not be rushed or the story will be lost somewhere in the mist. You can easily stop at any page because you know it’s just a book and you can come back whenever you want.

*Note to authors: Why is there so many 600 pages book out there?

There you go. I hope I covered most of the reader type out there. If not, than you probably a rare species sent from above to color the world of literature.


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