6 Requirements to be the Perfect Night Owl


Whether you read books regularly or not, night time is always the best when it comes to reading. When all the lights in our house are off and all the family members asleep, we could always find comfort in reading in bed.

Though it sounded easy, not all books are worth the time to reduce our sleeping hours at night. So here are some tips to mastering the perfect night owl spirit.

p.s. read at your own risk!

1. The Perfect Book

Finding the perfect book to pick up at night is hard. You want to start reading a book that makes you want more in each page. I personally love to read a book with a snarky and witty main character at night, because who want to spend the night with a boring character talking to you every flipping page? Unless you, authors, have the confident of your plot twist—and of course a sexy male character that keeps me wanting more—your book was made for a daytime read.


2. The Perfect Snack

This is the MOST ESSENTIAL part, thought the most dilemmatic issue at the same time, because it is an “unhealthy MUST”! If you don’t already know yet, an “Unhealthy Must” is the condition where you NEED to snack but you realize that you don’t want the book to fill with those icky stuff and crumbs that is unhealthy for your book’s future—not talking about your body of course. So, choose your snack wisely!


3. The Perfect Reading Mate

Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” – C. S. Lewis, The Four Loves.


Reading alone sometime could be boring and easily distracted. Finding a friend to read a certain book at the same time will of course change that. When you read the same book at night, you can share the emotions and opinion you have toward the book instantly without having to bear it alone throughout the night. Your friend doesn’t have to be in the same room together, you could both read in your own bedroom and text each other. Just like Sarah Dessen said, “Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend“. Okay, she probably doesn’t talk about a “reading mate” but you get what I mean, right?

4. The Perfect Attitude

Never force yourself into reading! Forcing yourself to read is the perfect way to fall into a reading slump. If you’re not into it try changing the book. If that still doesn’t help you in the mood, than the owl is probably hibernating. Just go to sleep and try again next time!

5. The Perfect Mood

Some people love to read in silence, while others need to be accompanied by classical music or any kind of music. I prefer reading in silence though, since I feel more focused and my brain works better in silent. You can also achieve the right mood by lighting up a scented candle, or setting the room in the right temperature. Too humid made me easily distracted, too cold sometimes put me to sleep easily.


6. The Perfect Place

I remember once, a well known motivational speaker says, “Never read in an un-comfy way! That should be your life motto“. Oh wait, that person is me. Sorry, got confused there. XD

The point is to read where you are most comfortable at. My most favorite place to read at night is of course inside my blanket cocoon on top of a comfortable bed. Well in fact, now that I think of it, I just realized that most of my reading (day or night) happened in bed. How surprising! I should get an award for being the “most-attached-to-bed” reader.

Will Ferrell Award

So, those are some things I consider important to stay away from slump as best as I can. Since I found night time is my most distracted hour to read, I need special requirements when it comes to being a night reading owl. By the way, thanks to Leesa Matress who inspired me to write about this post.

What is your secret to a perfect reading night?


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