Review Policy

REVIEW POLICYFor books that were sent to me for the purpose of being reviewed, please note that I am not a professional reviewer and I only post an honest opinion of the book based on my personal taste. I usually post my review in two weeks’ time after I received the book unless there were certain circumstances that needed more time, I will inform you as soon as possible. For books that I didn’t like, I will email my review to the one who sent it and I will post on my blog when my review is approved (I will not ask for permission for a book that I bought myself).

I Preferred reading a physical ARCs and books that were recently released, but I understand that the actual book costs more money so I will be accepting electronic version (eBooks) also. Contact here

Please understand that everything I post is based on what I honestly thought about the book and not the author. So I hope, you will not send me a hate email about my review.


All Variety of Young Adult Novels
Fantasy (High/Urban Fantasy)
Science Fiction


 I rate the books I read based on its effect on me. And instead of stars, I used a toxicity level since it is a book venom after all. Here are the symptoms (I do have a half rating system in between):



Can’t breath, can’t speak, can’t think, and most likely already dead because of the awesomeness. The writing, plot, character, and twist was extremely great and near perfection. All time favorite. HIGHLY recommended to everyone to finish it instantly.



Got me breathless and speechless most of the time. Really good and liked it a lot, there were minor issues either with the writing, character, or originality. But overall, still have a major impact on me. I would recommend you to put in on your TBR pile and read it as soon as possible.



Flu and a minor effect in some part of it. I wasn’t really blown away because of a certain issues, so it was just an OKAY for me. I would recommend this when you need a book to kill some time.



MILD SKIN RASH. Didn’t really enjoy either because I couldn’t relate with the character/story or there were so many issues that bothered me the entire time, but I still was able to finish it because of some redeemable qualities. Some people might liked it but just wasn’t for me.



No effect on me at all and likely did not finish. A complete waste of time without any redeeming qualities.

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